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Hi, My name is Suvam,

I was working as a WordPress developer with a d2c e-commerce brand.
That brand used to get 100+ orders daily with very minimum marketing. I had built their store with woocommerce.

One day one customer told us that he is not able to order from the website. I checked and the website was hacked. When I opened it, I could see some adult content and malware was auto-downloading to my computer.

I contacted the hosting company. They could not help. I researched the internet a lot.

I tried all the security plugins available. Any of the plugins could not entirely remove the malware.

We searched on the internet and approached malware removal service companies. Some asked for $497, some asked even 997$

It took 15 days to remove the malware. As no option was available to take the real-time backup we lost tons of customer data and orders. We could not fulfill the orders, our customers were going back as they thought the website was illegal and fraudulent. We suffered a huge loss due to that malware attack.

Moreover, Google thought we were misleading our customers so it penalized our website. We lost the ranking and our Adsense account was also disabled. We never ever were able to enable our AdSense and finally, we had to close my eCommerce store.

From that day I took an oath that I would find a concrete solution for WordPress security.

I researched and found this problem is not only my problem. In the last year globally a lot of startups, organizations, and eCommerce stores suffered losses worth $245 Bn due to malware attacks, hacking, DDOS, brute-force attack, and ransomware.

I, with my partner Adeep, developed Secure My WP – a complete end-to-end solution for WordPress security.

My mission is to help you as an entrepreneur so that you can focus on your business while I take care of your website security.

Run your business without security concerns, and financial & reputational risks.

More Than 50+ Businesses love and trust us. Want to be a part of it?

Here is a Testimonial By one of our clients, Jayant Padhi –  A Copywriter and Content Creator.

Sunil MehtaBlogger
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Secure my wp's experience with preventing, locating, and eliminating malware is second to none.
Janice P.Educator
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When I was suddenly aware that my website, primarily used by teachers and children, had been hacked, I needed the problem resolved ASAP. Secure My WP had my website back to normal within a half hour of reporting the problem and signing up for service. I will never leave my website unprotected again, and have been pleased with Secure My WP handling this security.
Trisha AroraFreelance WP Developer
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Clients of mine were having problems with their wordpress web sites. Since signing up my clients - there has not been any issues of the web site being hacked
Anjali MishraEntrepreneur
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Great experience, fast and knowledgeable response to any issues. Easily recommend, and a no brainer for future projects.

Real- time Website Malware Scanning, Detection, and Removal

We Scan your website for malware, hacks, and blocklist status in the real time. Receive continuous website monitoring with alerts and daily updates. You can rely on our state-of-the-art website malware scanner to gain visibility into your website’s security.

Automatic Real-Time WordPress Backups

Real-time backups save every change and one-click restores get you back online quickly. Find out exactly which action (or person) broke your site with the activity log. Manual backups take time, and you’ve got more important things to do. Our Backup works behind the scenes, so you don’t have to.

Malware and Hack Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cause downtime. We block layers 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attacks.

  • Deflect DDoS traffic in the outer layers.
  • Secure bandwidth during attacks
  • Stop Volume Based & Protocol Attacks
  • Stop Application Attacks (layer 7)

Zero-Day Exploit Prevention

Hackers discover new vulnerabilities every day. We protect sites and stop suspicious behavior. Mitigating new threats rarely requires a patch.

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Patch Management
  • Input & Data Validation
  • Application Profiling

Brute Force Attack Protection

Automated hacker tools target all sites. To prevent site abuse, we stop brute force attacks and password cracking.

  • Prevent bot attacks.
  • Limit logins to a specific IP address or range.
  • Add two-factor authentication.
  • Unique login URLs

To protect your website from hacking, malware and spams. Once your website is compromised you will lose your customer data, lose access to your website. You may have to pay a huge ransom if your website is compromised by ransomware. It will cause financial and reputational risks.

Free plugins don’t have all the features whereas paid security plugins only scans malware. SecureMyWp prevents your website from all sorts of security threats and removes existing malwares and security threats automatically. It has 3 levels of firewall to protect against any kind of threats. It offers automatic real-time backup and 1 click restore feature.

Real-time backup, refers to backup of website data by automatically saving a copy of every change made to that data, essentially capturing every version of the data that the user saves.

Absolutely not. It doesn’t install any unnecessary javascripts on your website thus maintaining the same speed of your website.

Yes we are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

It is nearly impossible. You will have real time backup so you will be able to get back your website almost instantly. 


If your website still gets hacked and SecureMyWp is not able to remove the threat, I and my team of experts will take care of it and we will make your website live and secure it completely free at no extra cost. That is our promise.

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